Backflow Prevention and Testing Sydney

BARH Surry Hills Plumber in Sydney has many years of experience in backflow prevention and testing to make sure your water is always clean. We’re known to offer the best plumbing services in Sydney.

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Backflow Prevention and Testing in Sydney

Our Sydney plumbers are professionally trained and experienced to offer all kinds of services related to backflow testing, installation of backflow prevention devices, treating, and diagnosing problems.


What does backflow prevention involve?

Backflow prevention devices are devices used in stopping polluted or contaminated water from flowing back into the usable water system.

The device works by allowing water to only flow towards one direction such that backflow of contaminated water is stopped.


What causes backflow?

Backpressure and back siphoning are the major causes of water backflow. Preventing backpressure and back siphoning requires setting up a type of cross-connection separating the clean water and the polluted source.

Back siphoning occurs when:

  • Blow ground pop-ups or irrigation sprinklers are located in areas close to a surface water pond.
  • The garden hose is submerged in the pond, tank, or swimming pool.

Backpressure occurs when:

  • The rainwater tank and pressure pump are interconnected with your clean water supply system.


Why should you install backflow prevention devices?

Devices used in backflow prevention are a crucial component for protecting drinking water. Australian Standards require any premises that pose a health risk to its drinking water system to have the device installed.


Who should install backflow devices?

The local water supply council is responsible for ensuring that the health of the general public is protected by supplying clean water in its area of operation.

The council should ensure effective backflow prevention mechanisms are put in place. Doing so ensures the water supply is safe for human consumption.

As a property owner, you’re responsible for ensuring that backflow prevention devices on your property are maintained and tested annually according to the relevant regulations and standards.

Thus, you should organize for an accredited and licensed plumber like BARH Surry Hills Plumber in Sydney to do this work for you.


Importance of backflow testing

It’s required by law for each device to be tested every year. Testing the device is all about checking whether its state is acceptable. It should operate effectively at all times.

BARH Surry Hills Plumber in Sydney has what it takes to test backflow devices and send the necessary reports to the water council for recording purposes.


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