How to Avoid Hair Clogs in your Bathroom

Finding hair in your bathroom is pretty standard. It could be from shaving, trimming or because of natural hair fall. Whatever it may be, it is essential to know that no matter what kind of hair it is, it can cause damage to your pipes and often clog the drains as well.

Hair stuck in the drain will block the water from seeping through quickly. This results in floor damage and leaks in your home. There are specific measures that you can take to prevent that. Listed below are the things you should do to avoid hair clogs.

hair clogs in bathroom drain

Install Drain Covers

Now, there are two types of drain covers. First up is the top drain cover which is readily available and is super easy to install as well. It merely requires you to find a drain cover that fits your drain adequately and putting it over the drain so that foreign objects like hair cannot enter the pipe.

Second is the bottom drain cover, this is installed between the top drain cover and the pipe and can be tightened by a plumber’s putty if necessary. This is an extra measure to ensure that anything that is not supposed to enter the drain doesn’t.


Keeping hair away from Showers and Sinks

The most common way in which hair can find its way into the drain is when one is taking a shower. It is much easier for hair to fall out once it is wet. To prevent this from happening, you should make it a point to brush your hair right before taking a shower to avoid hair fall.

However, if you do end up finding any loose hairs near the sink or the shower, you should pick them up and pile them up in one corner. After you are done with your business, take the hair and toss it in a bin. This not only prevents hair clogs but also keeps your shower and sinks clean.

When it comes to shaving, most people find it rather convenient to do it over the sink as it keeps the bathroom clean. Shaving over the sink may keep the bathroom clean, but it can easily cause hair clogs in the sink.

When you shave, the length of the hair is small most of the time; therefore, you should keep the water running for a minute or two after you are done with the shaving. This will ensure that no hair stays in the sink, and it is all cleaned out.


Clear out the Hair Clogs

There are plenty of ways to clean out your drains. The first one is doing it yourself or the homemade rinse. You will need baking soda and vinegar.

Go to the drain you wish to clear and pour a cup of baking soda in it followed by vinegar; this will make the drain bubble up.

Let this sit for a couple of minutes and then pour boiling water down the drain to clear any debris that could be clogging it. Use this method once a month.

You can also clean your drains by using your hands. Just put on some gloves and remove the drain covers and pull the hair out yourself.

The last and most efficient option is to leave it to a trained technician. Some clogs cannot be cleared out by your hand or a cup of baking soda. For such cases, call in a local plumber.