Leaking Shower Repairs and Waterproofing Sydney

The waterproof membrane beneath the tiles can fail. In case it fails, water will penetrate the surrounding areas freely and cause major damages when left unattended.

The membranes that seal the shower are also prone to failure. Poor installation, chemical breakdown, and building movement can make them fail.

sydney plumber repairing a leaking shower in the bathroom

Leakage in the shower seal is mostly caused by building movement, especially when the building is settling into the foundation and when it’s moving naturally between cold and hot weather.

The movement results in weakening and cracking of the tile junctions, shower seal, and grout within the bath or shower. As a result, water can easily penetrate through the tiles. In most cases, excessive movement of a building is not covered by warranty.


Signs that your Shower Seal is Leaking

  • Cracked bathroom tiles
  • The shower is missing some grout
  • A musty and damp smell (the carpet feels wet)
  • The timber below the subfloor or the house looks stained
  • Moldy walls, ceiling, and cupboard
  • Peeling paint, especially on the outside wall, bathroom, and ceiling
  • Mold buildup, dampness, and swollen skirting boards


Why choose us to fix your leaking shower?

Our BARH Surry Hills plumbers use the most effective methods of fixing leaking showers. Our plumbers are trained to follow procedures and use products that guarantee effective waterproofing.

We will waterproof the affected area without removing the tiles. We apply a special sealing system over the tile surface to completely seal them. As such, the tiles won’t be removed.


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