Plumbing Noises and What They Mean

At one point, one always wonders what those plumbing noises that they keep hearing are? It could be the pipes banging, your shower head whistling, popping sounds from the water heater, maybe a gurgle in the drain.

Hearing these noises can surely be distressing and can make you think that there is something wrong with your plumbing system. However, these noises could mean nothing at all.

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Listed below are the reasons as to why your plumbing may be making noises.

Banging Pipes

Pipes are made out of metal, and when water flows through them, they can make certain noises and can vibrate. These noises can sometimes be heard throughout your house.

If the noises from these pipes become too noisy or unbearable, it usually means that the pipes are not secured in a stable position. Another as to why this may happen is because of blockage in the pipe or clogged drains which do not let water move smoothly.


Whistling Showerhead

Shower heads usually do not make any noise, but if they do, it is typically an indication that there is a blockage in pipe or that it is clogged.

However, this issue is straightforward to resolve as all one needs to do is to open the showerhead and clean out anything that may have been causing the blockage.

If this does not resolve the issue, it means the current showerhead has been overused. It has reached its age, and it is time to get a replacement!


Popping Water Heater

Popping or knocking sounds from your water heater usually indicate that there is sediment buildup in it. When water is being heated, substances like limescale and other debris can settle at the bottom of the water heater.

However, this is only caused if your water heater does not receive proper and regular maintenance. This also means that you would have to wait longer for hot water and the cost of energy is also increased.


Gurgling Drains

Now gurgling noises in your shower drain or sink drain can be caused by a multitude of reasons. One of the most common reasons this happens is because of a clogged drain.

Your drainage system might have food particles stuck in it, which causes it to makes noises. Book an appointment with experienced plumbers to clean your drainage system.

Other reasons as to why there is gurgling noise in your drains could be because of trapped air in your pipes or a broken drain ventilation system.

A more severe issue could be sewer lines, and it is also the most common one. Your sewer line could be broken because of tree roots. This is an issue that needs to be tended to as soon as possible.