Plumbing Tips for Your Rental Apartment in Sydney

Moving into an apartment in Sydney is a joyous time; everyone loves a new upgrade. However, before moving into your new rental apartment, you must familiarize yourself with the plumbing system. By doing this, you will be able to make sure that your stay is a comfortable one.

sydney plumber making sure the plumbing system is in good condition

Listed below are the tips to make sure that you have a sound plumbing system. 


Taking a tour of a place that you are looking to rent is vital. Ask the landlord to show you where the main valve is to see that it is not an old, worn-out valve because they break pretty easily. 

Locating the main valve is also very beneficial in case of water emergencies like a broken water heater. You can switch off the main valve to avoid any further damage. 

It is also essential to know where the individual valves are. Like the valves to your toilet and sink as they can shut off if there is a leak to avoid water wastage. 

You should also always confirm with your landlord if there are any existing plumbing issues. If there are frozen pipes or some other information, you should be made aware of the problem.



It is vital to protect your pipes from unnecessary damage. Plumbers recommend people to buy strainers. Strainers prevent your drains from getting clogged by catching hair, food and all sorts of other stuff that can cause buildup in the pipe. 

It is crucial to make sure that your water heater is at 48-49 degree Celcius as that is the industrial standard of temperature. 

Also, do not flush foreign objects down the drain and stray away from liquid drain cleaners because the chemicals in them damage the pipe. Make sure to pick an accurate plunger in case of clogs or blockage. Make sure to use your garbage disposal system properly if you have one. 


Prepare for the Cold

The first step is to disconnect any hoses that are outside and turn off outside water taps to prevent them from freezing. It is also essential to locate the outside valve and to turn them off because having it on can freeze the pipes.

If you are away from your apartment, make sure to adjust your thermostat is between 12-15 degree Celcius. 

It is a temperature which keeps your pipes from freezing. Water heaters should be at a low temperature or on vacation mode if you are away. 

The cabinets which have water pipes in them or doors that house water pipes should be kept open for warm air to circulate and prevent the pipes from freezing.